Loss of amenity

If they were to build it,

RWE’s proposed 324 acre site – Yes! That big!

Would change the gentle landscape of the Irish Sea coast – for ever

“The views of the coast including the Isle of Man and the views inland
towards Black Combe are incomparably beautiful”.
(Visitor to Kirksanton)

The loss of amenity would include:
visual loss, loss of leisure opportunities and recreational loss.

What would be lost?

  • The public footpath to the beach would be closed.
  • The hard won Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009 would not apply here.
  • There would be no Coastal Access for ramblers and strollers.

Does this matter?

On land
Farming, wild flowers and hedgerows would cease to exist on the site.
The threat to fragile habitats would result in wild life disappearing.
There would be no more nature watching of deer, foxes and badgers, meeting and greeting,
dog walking, rambling, cycling, horse riding and picking blackberries.

On the beach
No sea angling, barbeques, sandcastles, children’s games and beach combing

On the sea
Prohibited inshore activities: boating, sailing, sea fishing windsurfing and swimming

What else would happen?

Silecroft Golf Club Established 1903 – would have to close

The Walney Gliding Club – flying area severely restricted-may have to close

Motocross on the old airfield – site would be closed

Cumbrian Heavy Horses (as seen on TV) – severely restricted beach access

Murthwaite Green Horse Trekking Centre – severely restricted beach access

Hospitality and Tourism – loss of livelihood

Who wants to have a holiday or a day out beside a nuclear power station?